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The non-profit agency of Bounce Back Incorporated is

requesting your support in our efforts to provide quality

transitional housing to those that are homeless, recovering

from drug addiction and re-entry into society from prison


So many of our clients have transitioned successfully we want to share their victories with you. We celebrate their restoration in glory to God.

Here are just a few of the examples:



He came to us as a chronic alcoholic and drug user. He graduated as a gainfully employed, drum minister of music for our church services, and a decent, responsible and respectful member of the community. His passions is airplanes. Because of his character development achieved at Bounce Back; he was privileged to do a flight-ride- along at a local training facility and was afforded a paid trip to see the Blue Angels.

Isa Waduud: Former homeless drug addict. Graduated Trident Technical College in addictions counseling while in our program. Recovering for over 5 years, married, gainfully employed and launching a catering business. Former volunteer Bounce Back board member. One of our very first clients.

Terrell Fraiser: One of our youngest clients who was homeless. He suffered from no addictions but still could not live independently. Since coming into the program he is now, gainfully employed, continuing his education at Virginia College and has authored two books.

Floyd Bennett: Former homeless, disabled, addicted veteran. Graduated Trident Technical College while with us and is now living in a home and self-employed businessman. Board member at Bounce Back.



Served 10 yrs. in prison. Became gainfully employed, completed probation in program. Successful transition to family and produc​tively employed in construction.


Came through Veterans Administration Homeless Program after living in the woods for a period of time. Successfully transitioned to wife and children. Still free of drugs, home owner and business owner.

The successes are to many to share with you on this page. You are welcome to contact our office if you would like to know more of these great stories of men who have successfully rebuilt their lives through the Bounce Back Incorporated Transition Ministry.

Since 2009, hundreds of men have regained their self-respect, dignity, and life back as they Bounce Back from homelessness, disabilities, addictions, criminal offenses and domestic issues. The most successful are those who commit to the structured program as suggested from 6 months to 2 years. A ratio of 80% of clients who complete the goals recommended become productive and responsible members of society.We love them until the miracle happens! So, we look forward to sharing their stories with you. We are so proud of their successes.

In God We Trust!!!

Building His Kingdom

We are in need of additional space for housing. The program has been such a success, agencies locally and from surrounding states have been contacting us for assistance. If you have a house or building that you are willing to donate please contact us to schedule a presentation of our program. We are soliciting the kindness of this community to help us restore property. We utilize our limited funds to provide the basic needs of our patrons and have volunteers who provide their labor and service in the renovation efforts, as well as, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of our re-entry program. We need donors and businesses, however, to assist with the structural and furnishing needs. It is our hope that you will adopt a room or offer any goods and services possible to help us. We don't solicit money, but if you would rather give a monetary contribution it is welcomed. Of course, as a non-profit, all donations of money, goods, and services are tax deductible in support of the ventures of Bounce Back Incorporated. You are also welcomed a tour of the property by appointment to better see what would be appropriate for your donation. Thanking you in advance for 'caring' about those who need us to help them become...'responsible and productive members of our society' and 'bounce back'.


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